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Hands down the most terrifying phase of launching a new tech startup is launch. So many pieces of a very complex puzzle have to come together at exactly the same time in exactly the right way for things to go right.

While experience is helpful in getting all of those moving parts in sync and timed up perfectly, it also contributes to that overall dread. The more products you’ve launched, the more you know how many things can go wrong, and just how slightly one variable can be off to throw the whole machine into chaos and, worst of all, how much luck is actually involved!

I’m happy to say our launch of Graphite Comics in June went as well as we could have possibly hoped. Heck, how often can you say your app launch was covered by The New York times? But while I’d like to say we just got lucky, or our product was just that good — the truth is, a lot of work, stress, timing and money went into getting the product ready, the messaging ready, the branding ready, the team ready, the content ready… and so on and so on.

I’m at a point in my career now where I can say I have launched about a hundred products, and as such, about a hundred companies — although “company” is a broad term. Some “companies” are just simple apps that make a couple bucks and go away. Some “companies” are, like Graphite Comics, venture backed endeavors made up of millions of dollars worth of technology, serving top quality content curated and sourced from some of the biggest and brightest creators and publishers in the comic book industry. The amount of energy that went into this launch was nothing short of enormous, especially given the (relatively) small size of the team and our working budget.

We poured years into this product, and we hope it shows.

You can checkout Graphite Comics on the web, on iPhone and iPad in the App Store, or on Android in Google Play.

Are you looking to launch your app or tech product? Or are you at the idea phase, ready to start building the foundation for the product you ultimately hope to launch one day? Get in touch! I’d love to talk to you about your company and where you are at!

Last modified: September 25, 2019

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