GlobeChat – text messaging with real time translation

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GlobeChat is a highly scalable, modern, efficient text messaging app with the unique feature that it translates incoming messages into your native language in real time as you chat.

I designed and developed the backend infrastructure for GlobeChat as well as the iOS app, and oversaw the development of the Android app. This development included integration with several AWS services as well as building modules to interface with Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform for translation services.

GlobeChat also, unsurprisingly, exemplifies the multitude of layers of complexity required when localizing an app for multiple languages. In total, GlobeChat supports 61 languages — and in order to do so, the app must not only translate messages between users, but include localized text in the client apps, as well as localized text on the server side (e.g. to translate common push notification messages, server generated error messages, and so on).

Managing copy on all of those levels for 61 languages is a massive task on it’s own, in addition to the technical complexity of building a chat app, let alone one that is handling translation in real time!

Indeed, this is so complex and novel that the technology powering GlobeChat has been patented.

You can download GlobeChat on iOS as well as on Android. You can also visit the GlobeChat website for more information.

If you need an app developed, reach out and let’s talk! You can contact me using the contact form on this site, via Skype at stromdotcom or by visiting my company website at

Last modified: February 13, 2019

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