Mysteryopolis – gamified narrative game for tablets

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From Anthony Zuiker the creator of the huge television franchise CSI: Crime Scene Investigation comes Mysteryopolis — a gamified narrative app targeted at the kids market.

Mysteryopolis was developed as a bundled exclusive for the then new Navi tablet — an Android based tablet designed for kids, and featuring a kid friendly lineup of apps and games.

Mysteryopolis Trailer

I built Mysteryopolis and designed the minigames based on Zuiker’s script, which was originally very large in scope. One of the early challenges on this project was figuring out what we could do within the budget and timeline we had available to us, while still staying true to the creator’s original vision.

Aside from the game design and development, Mysteryopolis also required a content library management system — specifically, we needed to be able to distribute a lightweight game app that allowed users to download episodes (read: very large, very high quality video files) and game content on demand — and delete and reinstall said content in order to manage device resources.

Mysteryopolis received, unsurprisingly, a considerable amount of press upon its release. You can read Fortune magazine’s write up, AdWeek’s take on the app, and VentureBeat’s story on the project.

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Last modified: February 14, 2019

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