Playground Wars for iOS, Android and Mac OSX

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After building several games for my corporate clients, I’m pleased to have had the opportunity and the funding to develop something purely designed to be fun: Playground Wars!

Playground Wars is a side-scrolling tower defense style game built in Unity for iOS, Android and Mac, with available ports to Windows and the web.

I could write all day about this game, or I could just show you some video of the game in action:

Playground Wars menus and introductory scenes
Deeper game play later in the game demonstrating weather effects and more complex enemies and traps.

Developing Playground Wars was an absolute blast, and it was also the largest team I’ve ever managed — from multiple game artists, sound designers, UI designers, musicians, voice actors and more — Playground Wars was truly a labor of love.

Although the game is no longer available on iOS due to Apple’s 64-bit requirement (we opted not to invest in updating the app for the iOS platform), it is still available for the Mac in the Mac app store, as well as Android.

If you need an app developed, reach out and let’s talk! You can contact me using the contact form on this site, via Skype at stromdotcom or by visiting my company website at

Last modified: February 13, 2019

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