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I’m proud to announce the release of Accenture Sky Journey for iOS and Android. Sky Journey is Accenture’s first ever mobile game, and in addition to developing both the iOS and Android versions of the game, I also helped Accenture develop their internal corporate guidelines for products like Sky Journey — specifically, guidelines for adapting Accenture corporate branding regulations to more casual, lighthearted digital products — in this case, a Diner Dash style time management game.

Taking a step back, Sky Journey was also the first game built on my open source time management game platform — a rather massive code framework designed to power time management games built in the Unity game engine.

Understandably, Sky Journey received a great deal of press and attention upon its release — just one example is this writeup of the game in the Guardian.

In March 2018, LinkedIn published their list of the top companies to work for. At #37 was Accenture, and Sky Journey was listed as one of the reasons it’s a great company:

Game on: Accenture developed a 25-level video game app, Sky Journey, in which players run an airport using real business solutions developed by the firm.Daniel Roth, LinkedIn Editor in Chief, 'LinkedIn Top Companies 2018: Where the U.S. wants to work now'

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Last modified: February 13, 2019

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