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I’m proud to announce the launch of Caremob for iOS.

Caremob is the first ever real-time global movements app, allowing users to react to current events in any of six ways: protest, support, empathy, peace, celebration and mourning.  Users can leverage Caremob to spread the word about movements they care about, and lend support to existing movements via a novel one-touch time mechanic, allowing virtual mobs to grow in size and gain visibility.

On Caremob, I developed the iOS client app, as well as the backend system that enabled users to link up in unison on a global map. I also brought my vast UI/UX experience and designed the interface for this incredibly original functionality — the first of it’s kind.

In addition to developing a scalable, very unique social platform, I developed the algorithms that formed the basis of Caremob’s patent pending technology.

Download Caremob for iOS.

If you need an app developed, reach out and let’s talk! You can contact me using the contact form on this site, via Skype at stromdotcom or by visiting my company website at

Last modified: February 13, 2019

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