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I finally got a few minutes to bring my personal site StromCode back to life! If you’ve been around a while, you may remember this site from as far back as 2001, when I hosted several code tutorials here — notably my win32 api programming guide, my intro to VST programming in C++ and later the same guide ported to C#, my guide to low level network programming in C, or the many, many tutorials on web application and API development in PHP.

The world has finally caught up, and there are many much better places to get the sort of info I used to post here, so I’m repurposing StromCode as my personal blog and CV of sorts.

Back in the early 2000s, I was still pursuing my studies in Computer Science, although I was also running one of the largest media hosting sites on the Internet and building up my digital consultancy into what it is today. That consultancy, Glowdot Productions, Inc., would eventually go on to build apps, games, and other software for companies like Warner Bros., Disney, Dreamworks, CBC, Sonos, Accenture, Circle of Confusion, and many, many local startups taking a stab at the social media space — a world I started my career in and in which I had my first success.

In 2019, I still lead mobile and other platform developments for local startups and large corporations alike, in addition to offering guidance and advice in tech to up and coming entrepreneurs.

On StromCode, I plan to break down as many of my current and past projects as I can, and offer whatever insights I am able to provide into the process of developing software for current gen platforms.

Stay tuned!

Last modified: February 13, 2019

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